Transitions in Kitchen Living (TiKL) Meeting

13/12/2010 | 14:00pm - 16:30pm

Transitions in Kitchen Living (TiKL) 2nd Advisory Group Meeting

Well, you may have wondered what had happened to the NDA 'Transitions in Kitchen Living' study and when we were going to meet again.  We have had a very busy summer interviewing older people living in Loughborough and Bristol and we have now completed the fieldwork. 48 participants - ranging in ages from 61 years to 91 years - living in a wide range of mainstream and supportive housing have all been interviewed twice building on 6 pilot studies that developed the methods.  We have undertaken oral history interviews to learn about the kitchens, sculleries and larders of the past and then re-engaged with the present through a focus on the contemporary kitchen, its equipment, size, lighting and how this can affect the daily routine.
We want to share this material and discuss how we can best disseminate our findings.  We will be going back to video a small sample of the participants providing material which will support design guidance.  This type of material could also be useful to wider retailers so we will need to share our views.

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