Older People's Reference Group

Tony Hill

What were your involvements before NDA?

Tony Hill

I was an electrician by trade and from 1984-2000 ran my own domestic appliance business. I retired on medical grounds. I’ve been a lifelong left-wing socialist and member of CND and Greenpeace for 20 years. I am on the committee of the Sheffield Humanist Society. I am also co-founder of the new Co-operative Self-Help Group for Sheffield and Rotherham, a not-for-profit organization to give older people assistance at home.

Why did you join the OPRG?

I was invited to join by Help The Aged, who invited me to a meeting in London. I was happy to be involved in something that will improve the lives of older people.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a member of the OPRG?

Knowing that we have some influence on what’s happening. I was pleased to become a member as I had never been involved in research before and think it could bring some positive changes.

What would you like to see the NDA achieve?

For me, that there be no more discrimination against older people is a key issue.

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