Technology with Disabled and Older People

28-29/03/2011 | 09.00am to 17.00pm

Please note: This is not an NDA Programme event.

Technology with Disabled and Older People: Business development, Building alliances and Impact assessment

A European Conference
March 28-29, 2011
London School of Economics
in collaboration with the
BIS, AGE Platform Europe, COT, KTN, TSB, and the EU

Bringing together:
Disabled and Older Users, User Groups,
EU Officials, Government Representatives,
Officials from EU countries, ICT experts, Therapists, Financial Investors, Technology Developers, Industry, Policy Makers,
Academics and YOU!

ICT applied in novel and sensitive ways may deliver capability for both addressing the welfare needs and enabling the personal markets of the growing ageing population.
A pool of experience in early provision of services and technologies for both assisted and independent living and active ageing is being steadily gathered across Europe.
Wider deployment rests upon identification of the business
opportunities. A structured and widely drawn systems approach is necessary to unleash the user pull necessary to enable this. The prize being a triple win for People, Governments and Business.
The immediate requirements then are improved communication, understanding and cooperation between the diverse parties
-           Agreed metrics to enable comparisons
-           Impact assessment from Research to users
-           Cost effectiveness data for stakeholders
-           New business strategies founded on these
A range of organisations are working with the London School of
Economics to encourage better working practices. Including:
The Department of Business, Initiative and Skills,
AGE Platform Europe,
The College of Occupational Therapists,
The Technology Strategy Board,
The Knowledge Transfer Network,
The Knowledge Tree Group, MonAMi project,
with industry, and the
Sasakawa Foundation to organise this event.
Abstract Instructions, registration and hotel details can be found here.

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