SUS-IT Secure Extra Funding

Page edited on: 7th October 2011

Networks for Methodological Innovation - The Network will be launched on 25th October 2011.

National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM)

Networks for Methodological Innovation

Dancing with new partners: developing novel research methods to establish and monitor impacts of user engagement in times of austerity

Sus-IT has secured extra funding from the ESRC (£21,608.10) for one of just three awards made under the NCRM’s 2010 Call for Networks for Methodological Innovation.

Two members of the Sus-IT team : Professor Irene Hardill (Northumbria University) and Professor Leela Damadaran worked with colleagues at seven UK universities (Oxford, St Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Leeds, and MMU) and a wider constituency of international collaborators, including our Sus-IT partners at Memorial University on a bid to drive forwards a network dedicated to supporting the growth of capacity in practice-facing disciplines to undertake engaged research which is of benefit to research users.

We aim to link three active practice-related networks in order to exchange and disseminate knowledge on theoretical approaches and methods and to advance practice:  our Sustaining IT use by older people to promote autonomy and independence (Sus-IT) project team, along with other project teams which form part of the New Dynamics of Ageing (NDA), will be joined by the Engaging Scottish Local Authorities programme and the Academy of Social Sciences.

The Network will be launched on October 25th 2011 thanks to additional support from the British Academy. We hope that other NDA project teams will attend

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