21st October 2013 


A New Dynamic of Ageing: The NDA Programme & Age UK research showcase of the decade

London, The Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Greater London N1 0QH

The NDA team and Age UK would like to thank all who participated in this event to make it such a success. We hope all that attended can agree that it was truly a unique event, with so much variety and wealth of knowledge.


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Session 1 - From Cell to Society
New dynamics in understanding the ageing process towards extending healthspan
Diana Kuh (MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing) – HALCyon (Session Powerpoint)
Mark Bagley (University of Sussex) – Ageing and Biology (Session Powerpoint)
Aneta Stefanovska (Lancaster University) – Cardiovascular Ageing (Session Powerpoint)
Lynne Cox (University of Oxford) – Cellular Ageing (See Mark Bagley above - joint presentation between Mark and Lynne)
David Steinsaltz (University of Oxford) – Longitudinal Ageing Model (Session Powerpoint)
Janet Lord (University of Birmingham) – Stress and Immunity (Session Powerpoint)

Session 2 - Money and work in later life
New dynamics in poverty, pensions, work, retirement, later life choices and care funding
Mike Murphy (London School of Economics) – MAP2030 (Session Powerpoint)
David Blane (Imperial College London) – Longitudinal Data (Session Powerpoint)
Cheryl Haslam (Loughborough University) – Working Late (Session Powerpoint)
Mary Gilhooly (Brunel University) –Financial Abuse (Session Powerpoint)
Armando Barrientos (University of Manchester) – BRAZZA2 (Session Powerpoint)
Penny Vera-Sanso (Birkbeck College London) – Poverty in India (Session Powerpoint)

Session 3 - Art in later lives
New dynamics in the role of the arts in well-being, identity, attitudes to ageing and inclusion in later life
Miriam Bernard (Keele University) –Ages and Stages (Session Powerpoint)
Sue Hallam (Institute of Education)– Music for Life (Session Powerpoint)
Philip Tew (Brunel University) –Ageing and Fiction (Session Powerpoint)
Andrew Newman – (Newcastle University) Art and Identity (Session Powerpoint)
Lorna Warren (University of Sheffield) – Look at Me! (Session Powerpoint)

Session 4 - A good later life
New dynamics in quality of later life: active ageing, independence, place, connectedness and dignity
Anne Bowling (University of Southampton)– Quality of Life (Session Powerpoint)
Lynn McInnes (Northumbria University)– Mobility and Ageing (Session Powerpoint)
Judith Philips (University of Swansea) – OPUS (Session Powerpoint)
Michael Murray (Keele University) –CALL-ME (Session Powerpoint)
Liz Lloyd (University of Bristol) –Dignity in Care (Session Powerpoint)
Christina Victor (Brunel University) – South Asian Communities (Session Powerpoint)
Sara Arber (University of Surrey) -SomnIA (Session Powerpoint)

Session 5 - Nourishing later life
New dynamics in nutrition and malnutrition at home and in care
Sheila Peace (The Open University) –TIKL (Session Powerpoint)
Arlene Astell (The University of Sheffield) – NANA (Session Powerpoint)
Paula Moynihan (Newcastle University) – mappmal (Session Powerpoint)
Janice Thompson (University of Birmingham) – MINA (Session Powerpoint)

Session 6 - 21st century support for a better later life
New dynamics in improving later life through design and technology
Alastair Macdonald (Glasgow School of Art) – Envision (Session Powerpoint)
Adele Long – TACT 3 (Session Powerpoint)
Costis Maganaris (Liverpool John Moores University) – Safety on Stairs (Session Powerpoint)
Leela Damodaran (Loughborough University) – SUS-IT (Session Powerpoint)
Peter Wright (Newcastle University) – Landscapes (Session Powerpoint)
Jane McCann (University of South Wales) – Design for Ageing Well (Session Powerpoint)


The Basis for the Event:

You’ll know that the population is ageing in the UK and globally. You’ll know that there is significant work to be done to be better prepared for ageing societies both in the UK and abroad. So it’s crucial that all of us who work in and for later life use latest evidence on ageing to support those preparations. The New Dynamics of Ageing (NDA) Programme and Age UK are proud to provide a unique opportunity to present that evidence at our joint event, held on Monday 21 October, at the stylish Business Design Centre, Islington, London.     

This will be the ageing research showcase of the decade, presenting the most comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art ageing research ever seen in the UK. This includes active ageing, quality of life, independence, dignity, money, work, environments, participation and connectivity to name a few. Throughout the day, you can hear from high profile speakers, pick up latest knowledge through our themed sessions, interact with exhibits in our innovative marketplace and meet the researchers. It will also be your chance to network with a wide range of colleagues from the public, private and charity sectors.

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