Older People's Reference Group

Find out about the Older People's Reference Group for the NDA programme

Click here to view the NDA Programme Older People's Reference Group End of Programme Report 2013

Front row: Teresa Lefort, John Jeffery, Elsie Richardson, Mary Sinfield 

Second row: Irene Richardson, Cynthia Conrad, Savita Katbamna

Third row: John Barry, Steve Thornett, Brian Todd, Elizabeth Sclater, Jim Harding, Alan Walker

Not present: Mary Brown, Tony Hill, Harbhajan Singh, Urmila Tanna


OPRG Evaluation Criteria (printable version)

  1. The OPRG will have significantly raised awareness within the Programme about the major issues of concern to older people.
  2. The OPRG has provided constructive advice and comments on how the NDA should reflect the difference perspectives of older people.
  3. The OPRG has engaged constructively with individual projects and encouraged awareness of the specific needs of older people.
  4. The OPRG has acted independently, flexibly and proactively to help to ensure that the NDA Programme achieves its objectives.


OPRG active members:

Mary Brown

Jim Harding

Tony Hill

Savita Katbamna

Teresa Lefort

Elsie Richardson

Elizabeth Sclater

Mary Sinfield

Harbhajan Singh

Urmila Tanna

John Barry

Cynthia Conrad


Steve Thornett


Brian Todd

John Jeffery 

  Irene Richards

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