New Ageing Populations and Developments in Cultural Gerontology


New Ageing Populations and Developments in Cultural Gerontology

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Summer School

Keele University


This is a free-standing two and half day Gerontology module. It can be
undertaken as part of the MA/Diploma in Gerontology (as module SPA-40018:
From Theory to Practice in an Ageing Society); by students looking for CPD
opportunities; or as a ‘subject specific’ MRes/PhD module. The module will
critically evaluate the development of ageing policy to practice with specific
reference, on this occasion, to the emergence of ‘new ageing populations’ and to
the development of ‘cultural gerontology’. Participants will address the content of
the module through lectures, workshops, discussions, small group tasks, directed
reading and self study tasks.

Outline programme:

Day 1: New Ageing Populations
Introduction; The Emergence of New Ageing Populations; Living with HIV in Later
Life; Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) Ageing; Ageing without Children;
Developments in Cultural Gerontology.

Day 2: Cultural Gerontology: Narrative and Ageing

The Many Ways of Getting Older; Narrative and Historical Perspectives;
Participatory Interventions in Care Settings; Staff Training to improve Cultures of
Care; Parallel Workshops: Life History Projects with Care Home Residents;
Creative Storytelling for People with Alzheimer’s and Dementia; Using Novels to
raise Awareness of Ageing; Developing an IT Platform for hosting Life Histories.

Day 3: Cultural Gerontology: Ageing and Creativity
Creative Ageing, Social Capital & Arts Engagement in Later Life; Theatre and
Ageing: Translating Research into Practice; Optional lunch time seminar: An age
friendly workforce for an age friendly community? Developing an interdisciplinary
CPD course.



The MA/Diploma in Gerontology can be taken on a module-by-module basis.
Each module is 15 credits.

The cost of each module is £380. The discount price is £320.

Students who successfully complete the taught module ‘From Theory to Practice
in an Ageing Society (1)’ can then go on to take ‘From Theory to Practice in an
Ageing Society (2)’ through directed reading and a range of self study tasks.
For MRes/PhD candidates wanting to undertake a ‘subject-specific module’
and/or who need a 20 credit module, this module can be combined with a 5 credit
Gerontology Supplementary Module (SPA-40022).

Students may also participate in the module by attendance without assessment
for Continuous Professional Development (CPD). The cost of attending the
module without assessment will be £300. The discount price is £255.

Keele has been running Gerontology courses since 1988. The MA/Diploma in
Gerontology is aimed at anyone with an interest in ageing. The Diploma course
comprises eight 15-credit modules: Ageing Societies I and II; Polices for Ageing
Societies I and II; Theory to Practice in an Ageing Society I and II; Research
Methods; and Researching Ageing Societies. Students who successfully
complete these modules may go on to undertake a research-based dissertation
(60 credits) leading to the MA in Gerontology award. Students are also able to
register for, and build up credits, module-by-module.

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Contact Phone Number: 01782 733126



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