NDA in the ESRC press report for December 2010

The New Dynamics of Ageing Programme features in the monthly ESRC press report for December 2010

Maintaining mobility in older age
A study by the New Dynamics of Ageing Programme, a joint initiative by Research Council's UK (RCUK), examines the relationship between successful ageing and mobility patterns. While maintaining mobility plays a significant part in healthy ageing, a new study highlights a high degree of inactivity even among an 'elite' sample of fit and healthy older people aged between 72 and 92 years.

Software improves understanding of mobility problems
Mobility challenges facing older people can now be better understood by clinicians, healthcare practitioners and design professionals, thanks to a new innovative software tool. Initial research findings from a research collaboration between The Glasgow School of Art and the University of Strathclyde, supported by the UK Research Councils' New Dynamics of Ageing programme (NDA), evaluated software which enables older people to work with professionals and suggest ways to improve their lifestyle and quality of life.

Better spaces for older people
Urban planning needs to consider how older people use walking routes as well as public areas, concludes a Research Council UK-funded research project from the New Dynamics of Ageing Programme. Planning should include a smooth transition between walking, driving and using public transport and should take account of how older people navigate between these.

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