NDA Handbook Launched at House of Lords

NDA Handbook now available to download

The NDA Handbook presents, in summary form, key messages from the NDA Programme. It has been prepared in close discussions with the Older People’s Reference Group attached to the Programme. This Handbook is intended as a guide to the research outcomes for a lay audience, and particularly for older people and their organisations. It aims to put the new evidence and new insights generated through the research into the hands of older people themselves, so that they can make use of this information to spread new knowledge, to campaign, and to influence policy and practice.

Further project information can be found on this website by visting the Projects and Findings Tab

You can download a copy of the handbook here. Alternatively if you would like a hard copy, please contact nda@sheffield.ac.uk with your name and address, entitled Handbook.

We hope you enjoy reading this publication and if you have suggestions of Local Forums or groups that this should be sent to, please do get in touch.

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