NDA Findings 9

Music for Life: The role of participation in community music activities in promoting social engagement and well-being in older people
Susan Hallam, Institute of Education

Finding Synopsis

Key findings
• Measures of well being were consistently higher amongst the music participants (n=398) than amongst the comparison group (n=102);
• There was some positive change over time on quality of life measures, for those involved in musical activities;
• Participants reported social, cognitive, emotional and health benefits of participation in music;
• Some barriers to participation were identified, relating to access to information, structural, dispositional and social issues;
• Facilitators of musical activities with older people had specific training needs but few opportunities for CPD;
• Facilitators played a key role in fostering positive outcomes.

Susan Hallam (PI), Institute of Education
Andrea Creech, Institute of Education
Helena Gaunt, Institute of Education
Anita Pincas, Institute of Education
Maria Varvarigou, Institute of Education
Hilary McQueen, Institute of Education

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