NDA Findings 7

Decision making in detecting and preventing financial abuse of older adults

Mary Gilhooly, Brunel University

Finding Synopsis

With substantial and increasing numbers of frail and cognitively impaired older people living in the community, there are growing challenges associated with money handling.

Financial abuse of people with dementia or declining cognitive and physical functioning is of growing concern. It is equally important to protect professionals and carers from unfair allegations of financial abuse, as it is to safeguard the assets of vulnerable older people.

The aim of this project was to examine real world judgment and decision making in relation to professional detection of elder financial abuse. The focus of the study was on professionals in social care, health and banking. Study participants took part in interviews, as well as judging case scenarios. Policy documents were analysed to explore how suspected abuse was defined and managed within local authority, NHS, and banking procedures.

Grant Holders

Mary Gilhooly, Brunel University
Priscilla Harries, Brunel University
Ken Gilhooly, University of Hertfordshire
Catherine Hennessy, University of Plymouth
Tony Gilbert, University of Plymouth
David Stanley, Northumbria University
Bridget Penhale, University of East Anglia

Research Staff

Deborah Cairns, Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies
Miranda Davies, Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies
Libby Notley, Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies



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