NDA Findings 12

Tackling ageing continence through theory, tools and technology (TACT3)

Eleanor van den Heuvel, Brunel University

Finding Synopsis

The overall aim of the TACT3 project was to reduce the impact of continence difficulties forolder people. In a world where we experience ever decreasing levels of social inhibition, continence problems remain taboo. As people age, they typically becomeless mobile and/or need more frequent ‘comfortbreaks’ so maintaining continence becomes achallenge. The impact of continence difficulties is far more thanjust the physical effort and expense of continence management; the problem is strongly associatedwith reduced self-esteem, social isolation anddepression. Moreover, one of the major reasons that people move into residential care is an inability to cope with their continence needs.

Project team

Eleanor van den Heuvel,
Mary Gilhooly
Ian Sutherland
Felicity Jowitt
Kevin McKee
Lena Dahlberg
Stuart Parker
Patrick Gaydecki
Norman Ratcliffe
Jo-Anne Bichard
Adele Long
Nikki Cotterill
Susie Orme

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