NDA Findings 1

Innovation in envisioning dynamic biomechanical data

Alastair Macdonald, The Glasgow School of Art

Finding Synopsis

This research evaluated an innovative way of communicating and understanding the complexity of older people’s mobility problems using visualisations of objective dynamic movement data. In previous research, a prototype software tool was created, which visualises, for non-biomechanical specialists and lay audiences, dynamic biomechanical data captured from older people undertaking activities of daily living. From motion capture data and muscle strength measurements, a 3D animated human ‘stick figure’ was generated, on which the biomechanical demands of the activities were represented visually at the joints (represented as a percentage of maximum capability, using a continuous colour gradient from green at 0%, amber at 50% through to red at 100%). The potential healthcare and design applications for the visualisations were evaluated through a series of interviews and focus groups with older people, and healthcare and design professionals, and through a specialist workshop for professionals.

Alastair Macdonald, The Glasgow School of Art; Catherine Docherty, Research Consultant, Journey; David Loudon, Research Assistant, The Glasgow School of Art

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