22/06/12  10.00am to 4.00pm 

An NDA  workshop in London, in partnership with My Home Life. 

Following the recent furore about the lack of dignity in care for older people it is important to bring together researchers and practitioners to scope out a vision for what people want from care homes now and in the future. The workshop also looked at how, through a more supportive environment (both in terms of public/community attitudes and the engagement of health and social care agencies), this can be made to happen. 

This event also responded to the recent Government's thinking around integration of health and social care and commissioning for quality which will be at the heart of the forthcoming White Paper. The aim was to mount a conference that opened up a productive dialogue between researchers, opinion formers and practitioners, informed by some seminal studies, and which examines examples of good practice.

A flyer for this event can be found here

Presentations from the event:

  1. Chairs Introduction and Overview, Dame Gillian Wagner, The Residential Forum
  2. The New Dynamics of Ageing Research Programme, Professor Alan Walker, Director of the NDA Programme
  3. My Home Life, Promoting Quality of Life in Care Homes and The Big Care Home Conversation Tom Owen, Director My Home Life
  4. Maximising Quality in Residential Care Quality, improving NHS support for care home residents, Professor Finbarr Martin,  President, British Geriatrics Society, Geriatrician, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust
  5. Maximising Quality in Residential Care, Care homes: working with and working for the NHS, Claire Goodman, Professor Health Care Research, Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care (Please note: we are unable to make display Claire Goodman’s presentation due to funding requirements. Please contact her directly on c.goodman@herts.ac.uk and she is happy to respond to information requests)

NDA Project Insights

  1. Maintaining Dignity in Later Life, Older People’s Experiences of Supportive Care, Liz Lloyd, Bristol University
  2. Transitions in Kitchen Living , Sheila Peace, The Open University


The Video: Eyes by My Home Life

Event Agenda


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