The MINA project has organised a community event in Loughborough and invited local Bangledeshi community and stakeholders to attend.

This event aims to build a partnership with the Bangladeshi community in the Loughborough/Leicester area. In addition to engaging directly with community members, leaders and key stakeholders, this event will also extend the interactions and commitment of both the university and Leicestershire NHS.

The 15th March MINA Community Event in Loughborough was organized by members of the Bangladeshi Social Association (BSA). Mr. Hiron Miah, President of the BSA, is in the centre, back row. Members of the MINA Project team are: Dr. Bablin Molik (with glasses) and Jasmin Chowdhury standing on either side of the little girl (Bablin' daughter). Barry Bogin is behind Jasmin and Diane Harper is at the end of the front row (in the purple scarf). The other people are members of the BSA.

This event was sponsored by the Bangladesh Social Association (BSA) of Charnwood and the NDA Programme. 

The 15th March MINA Community Event in Loughborough included free health checks provided by nurses from Charnwood Borough Council. In this photograph one of the nurses takes blood pressure from a community member.
Programme on the day

Event Resources



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