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Quantifying the benefits of housing interventions for older people

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The group is currently (August 2007) in the process of formally drafting the outline proposal which will incorporate many innovative features drawing on our experience and expertise within the social sciences and economic evaluation, as well as technical advances in ICT and telemetry.


Frances Heywood, University of Bristol

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Frances Heywood


With the focus on both the cost benefits, and the impact upon health and well-being, of interventions in the home environment of older people, the core group was quickly expanded to include a health economist and senior representatives from a primary care trust and a national Government department.


To further widen the methodological expertise and interdisciplinary repertoire there was a major consultative event in April which attracted a range of academic, and non-academic, stakeholders and experts from across the fields of health care, medicine, environmental sciences and engineering, as well as from organisations for older service users. Important outcomes included:

  • confirmation of the need for a fundamental evidence base on the housing/health linkage
  • identification of many additional elements on how older people manage their housing environment
  • a commitment from some group members to sustained involvement in the Project
  • a major review of the methodology and design of the research

Policy implications

The continued involvement of home improvement providers will ensure that the design is rooted in practice and can be rapidly implemented.


Unfortunately, this project was not funded by the NDA.

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