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This network is developing a collaborative research programme that will use nine UK life course cohort studies for scientific discovery of the lifetime determinants of healthy ageing.

This network received NDA funding and became the HALCyon project


Diana Kuh, University College London

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Diana Kuh


The purpose is to transfer knowledge gained in accessible and timely ways so that end users, working with the scientists, can translate this knowledge into opportunities across life to promote healthy ageing. Over thirty UK and international members of this network, including cohort investigators, cross-linking methodologists, specialists in biology, psychology and social ageing, and non-academic partners met for 2 days in March at Goodenough College London for a stimulating set of presentations and discussions. We agreed the overall structure of programme and work packages and identified project leaders.


Our research plans encompass a series of cross cohort studies and we have spent time demonstrating proof of concept through identification and preliminary analyses of comparable data across the nine cohorts. The cohorts represent the full spectrum of the older population, from the oldest old to the post war baby boomers poised to join its ranks. How a life course approach can help understand better how to maintain a population that remains healthy and independent for longer was the subject of a recent editorial in the Journal of Gerontology.

Policy implications

We are currently holding a series of small meetings to develop the work packages that focus on aspects of capability, wellbeing and the biology of ageing and innovative ways of delivering our knowledge transfer plans.

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