GSA 64th Annual Scientific Meeting, 18-22 November 2011

Various presentations from the event

The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) 's Annual Scientific Meeting brings together the brightest minds in the field of aging. This meeting is the premier gathering of gerontologists from both the United States and around the world. They participate in over 500 scientific sessions including symposia, paper, and poster presentations.  Over 4,000 attendees made their way to Boston for a combined 500 symposia, papers, and posters.

NDA symposia 1: Arts and Humanities and Ageing


  1. After attending thsi symposium participants will be energised to explore the new arts and humanities research agenda
  2. Participants will be introduced to varying perspectives on ageing from within the arts and humanities
  3. Participants will gain access to new evidence on the therapeutic role of the arts in later life


NDA symposia 2: New Dynamics of Nutrition


  1. After attending this symposium participants will understand the key multidisciplinary challenges of research on nutrition and ageing
  2. The symposium will provide new insights into the policy and practice dimensions of nutrition in later life
  3. The symposium will provide participants with new knowledge on the links between migration and nutirion


NDA Presentations

GSA Arts, Humanities and Ageing

GSA New Dynamics of Nutrition

GSA Music for Life - A. Creech and S. Hallam

GSA Alternative Images of Ageing- L. Warren

GSAThe role of social networks in determining the nature of older people’s engagement with contemporary visual art and its relationship to wellbeing- A Goulding and A Newman 

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