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The ultimate objectives of this network, are to tackle issues of muscle wasting and frailty associated with a lack of adequate exercise and nutrition in order to ensure an optimal quality of older life.


Claire Stewart, Manchester Metropolitan University

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Claire Stewart


Ageing is associated with loss of skeletal muscle and gains in body fat. These changes lead to decreased mobility, metabolism, independence, quality of life (QoL) and ultimately increased morbidity and mortality. Declining metabolic reserves in older age also impact on an individuals' potential to recover from acute or chronic trauma.


We aim to advance our understanding of the dynamics of ageing from a molecular/endocrine perspective and to evaluate the impact that exercise and nutrition have on this process. Derived data together with essential input from our older populations will be used to devise exercise/nutrition interventions which will reduce muscle wasting and enhance muscle mass and strength and therefore improve the functional reserves, recovery and QoL of said populations.

We propose to explore how individual influences (physiology, lifestyle and nutrition), affect the perception of successful ageing, the interaction between chronological and biological age and the ability to recover from trauma. We propose not only to raise awareness of this gap in current knowledge, but also to design and implement feasible, yet innovative interventions and policies. Our protocol seeks to develop a future where not only older members of the public but also hospitals, GPs, social workers and policy makers have a well-rounded knowledge of fitness and nutrition therapies targeted at healthy older ageing and recovery.

Policy implications

We plan to implement our findings through the development of feasible policies targeted directly at our population group.


Unfortunately, this project was not funded by the NDA.

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