13/12/2010 | 09:50pm - 16:00pm

Continence Matters

KT-EQUAL Workshop 13th December 2010

Are you sitting comfortably?  If Isambard Kingdom Brunel had taken an interest in incontinence then the world might be a different place. On behalf of their
namesake, researchers at Brunel University have taken on the challenge. Come and hear from the team, their colleagues and from other leading UK researchers
about recent pioneering developments. They are making remarkable advances, promising more independence and a better quality of life for many older people.
They have some very interesting stories to tell.

Programme: Registration from 9.50am. Workshop 10.15am to 4.00pm with coffee breaks and Lunch

Venue: Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex

More details and registration: www.equal.ac.uk

Topics covered will include:
Introduction to incontinence;
Management of urinary incontinence: past, present and future;
Impact of urinary incontinence;
Detection of urinary tract infections (UTIs);
Continence technology and skin health; Nutrition and incontinence;  
Transforming ideas into action for faecal incontinence;
Getting out and about - public toilet provision for an ageing population;
and the latest results from the NDA project - Tackling ageing continence through
theory, tools and technology (TACT3 Project)

Please tell your friends and colleagues about exciting and unique opportunity to hear about advances in a very neglected area and to meet some of the UK's top research teams!

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