Follow on funding confirmed for Art and Identity project!

Follow on funding has been confirmed for the project 'Contemporary visual art and the wellbeing of older people: policy and practice'. This project will continue the work undertaken in the 'Art and Identity' project by Andrew Newman at Newcastle University. 

Contemporary visual art and the wellbeing of older people: policy and practice


This project aims to develop research-informed arts policy and arts interventions that will improve the wellbeing of older people.  It builds upon the NDA funded research project, ‘Contemporary visual art and identity construction – wellbeing amongst older people’. The three seminars intend to develop new arts policy with partners and develop training for carers and art professionals who wish to engage older people. Integral to the project is an intervention led by Equal Arts (a charity facilitating access to the arts for older people, based in Gateshead, Tyne-and-Wear) at the Hatton Art Gallery, Newcastle.  This will develop the work of the Museum of Modern Art in New York for people with dementia and their carers.  It is hoped that older people will benefit through exercising skills in relation to art, the development of knowledge and awareness of art, self-understanding, self-expression and social interaction.  Learning informed by the intervention will feed into further training to be undertaken with approximately 100 artists and carers in the region, it will be incorporated into MA programmes delivered at Newcastle University, and rolled out nationally through a presence on the Culture and Wellbeing website.

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