Meeting with Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Aging

CIHR-IA Meeting in the Canadian High Commission, 24 November 2011

The NDA has established international collaboration with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Aging (CIHR-IA). It is an innovative co-funding partinership and 10 projects were funded. As the projects are approaching the end in 2012, CIHR-IA has invited the NDA to meet in Canadian High Commission in London to discuss progress and future plans.


1.     to identify benefits and challenges associated with international research collaborations in general, and  the NDA-CIHR/IA program specifically;

2.     to discuss issues associated with dual-funding model  for international  research collaborations;

3.     to develop lines of evidence and metrics that could be applied to evaluating the NDA-CIHR/IA collaborative funding program;

4.     to make recommendations for future programmes of this type.



NDA – Alan Walker, NDA Programme Director; Karen Tsui, NDA Programme Administrator

CIHR Institute of Aging – Yves Joanette, Scientific Director; Michelle Peel and Joanne Goldberg, Assistant Directors.

Research teams:

NANA – Arlene Astell (NDA) and Alex Mihailidis (CIHR-IA)

SusIT –Wendy Young (CIHR-IA)

TACT3 – Eleanor van den Heuvel (NDA) and Jeff Jutai (CIHR-IA)

SomNIA – Tim Adlam (NDA)

Synergistic Effects of Physical and Psychological Stress Upon Immunesenescence, Janet Lord (NDA), linked to Tamas Fulop (CIHR-IA)


From left to right: Jeffrey Jutai, Eleanor van den Heuvel, Sean Clouston, Joanne Goldberg, Alan Walker, Tim Adlam, Yves Joanette, Aneta Stefanovska, Alex Mihailidis, Michelle Peel, Caroline Martin, Wendy Young, Arlene Astell. (Photo taken by Karen Tsui)

Dinner held in Greig's, 26 Bruton Place (MENU) 

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