November 9th and 10th 2012, in Lisbon

International Conference on Public Policy for Ageing (CIPPE 2012)

Deadline for proposals: 1st June 2012

Conference Flyer

A joint initiative of the School of Social and Political Sciences from the Technical University of Lisbon (ISCSP-UTL) and the Foundation D. Pedro IV, the International Conference on Public Policy for Ageing (CIPPE) aims to foster reflexion and research in the field of social and political sciences on the topic of ageing, in particular related with the preservation and development of human capital.

Under the impetus of the celebration of the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, the theme "Ageing, Welf-being and Public Responses" is the proposal for the debate on the challenges related to the promotion of Active Ageing.
At stake is also the equation of prospects for the future of the welfare state and the assessment of change frameworks, considering the assumption of an older and more qualified population, to whom one want to associate better life conditions.

Being a social issue that requires an intersectoral approach, it is considered that the promotion of active ageing activities requires the development of territorial-oriented models that congregate the participation of multiple actors (civil society, market and State) and establish distinct roles for the different governance levels. The challenge is also placed in their study, from which should be taken lessons that underpin the experience.

Through this initiative, one aim to emphasize the importance for society of an active role from the elderly but also to highlight the relevance of encouraging a healthy ageing. The consequences of the lack, or inadequacy, of policies that promote active ageing are multidimensional. To the potential negative consequences for the elderly, one must add the social, cultural and economic negative effects on society and on organizations.

It is in this context of sharing and discussion about the challenges of active ageing that we promote the CIPPE 2012, as well as an international call for papers, under the scientific coordination of ISCSP. In the 2012 edition we will count with the participation of several national and internationally reputed scholars, among which Professor Alan Walker (University of Scheffield), John Macnicol (London School of Economics and Political Science), Henrique Medina CarreiraAna Alexandre Fernandes (ISCSP).

Please note that this is not an NDA event. Further details are available on the CIPPE website.


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